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High reliability busduct system (IP68)

Low voltage busducts with conductors insulated using Class B rated (130 °C) epoxy powder coating ( Fluidized bed epoxy) , metal housing and epoxy resin; thickness over 11 mm, molded between the insulated bus bars and the housing. Specially designed for improved waterproof, fireproof, and explosion-proof function, which allows a higher electrical estability and durability than Sandwich type busducts. With current capacity from  630 A up to  6300 A,  CR-Way LV II  busducts are an excellent solution for hospitals, mining, data center and industry applications.  This product has IEC 61439-6 Certification made by UL.

Ductos de Barras en Resina IP68
Technical Specifications
Diseño compacto ductos de barras

Compact and lightweight design thanks to its extruded aluminium housing with electrostatic painting.

Confiabilidad Ductos de Barras

More reliable, thanks to its  IP 68  protection degree, ideal  for the most demanding type of applications.

Calidad ductos de barras

High quality with limited five years warranty.  UL IEC 61439-6 certification.

Conductores ductos de barras

Copper or aluminium conductors with different phase configurations.

Fácil Instalación de ductos de barra

Easy instalation thanks to its Join-Kit system with dual headed bolts.

Resistencia al fuego ductos de barras

Fireproof and explosion-proof  function, which allows electrical stability and
durability than Sandwich type Busduct.

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