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The most advanced busduct system available in the market

Low voltage power busduct specially designed for the new IEC 61439-6 standard. With a diverse range of current capacities from  630 A up to 6300 A. I-Series takes all the advantages of the previous E-Series model such as two piece extruded aluminium housing and joint-kit system allowing an much easier installation. Its unique structure, specially designed for an optimized heat dissipation offers a unique and more stable performance and higher mechanical resistance.  I-Series has  KEMA-KEUR IEC 61439-6 and UBC Zone 4 certifications.

Ductos de Barras tipo Sandwich
Technical Specifications

Compact and lightweight design thanks to its two pieces extruded aluminium housing with electrostatic painting for a better IP degree and mechanical resistance.

More reliable, with effective heat-radiating aluminum housing profile. IP 65 degree and SIMPLEX  design that allows line modifications without extra costs.

High quality with  limited five years warranty.  KEMA/KEUR IEC 61439-6  and UBC Zone 4 certifications.

Copper or Aluminium conductors with different type of insulations for a wide range of applications: 

  • Ix-way epoxy coating (Class B 130°C)

  • Iz-way PET Garfilm (Class B 130°C)

  • If-way  MICA (1200°C)

Easy Installation thanks to its Joint-Kit system with dual headed bolts and visible label. No special tools required. Include new symmetric type covers for easier installation.

Intelligent design with joint inspection windows and upgraded thermal dissipation structure.

More available services with BIM support. Available families for Inventor and Revit at no charge.

Environmentally friendly with RoHs CertificationComponents without Pb,Cd,Hg,Cr,PBBs and PBDEs and halogen free.

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