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Flexible and efficient power distribution system

Busduct specially designed for low voltage circuits from 160 A up to 400 A , air insulated with extruded aluminium housing  with electrostatic painting and IP 55 degree of protection. Mini-way is the most advanced model in the market with Joint-Kit,  which provides higher reliability. IEC 61439-6 certificate from KEMA (lAF listed laboratory).

Ducts de Barras
Technical Specifications

Compact and lightweight design thanks to its extruded aluminium housing with electrostatic painting.

High quality with  limited five years warranty and KEMA IEC 61439-6 certificate.

Easy installation thanks to its Joint-Kit system with dual headed bolts and visible label. No special tools required.

More reliable, thanks to its optimized design with high short-circuit strenght, superior to other brands in the market.

Environmentally friendly with RoHs Certification. Components without Pb,Cd,Hg,Cr,PBBs and PBDEs.

Intelligent design cwith Copper or Aluminum conductors and plug-in boxes expandable up to 12 DIN Rail Modules.

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